To use mltrace, you first need to set up a server to log to. You will need the following utilities:


On the machine you would like to run the server (can be your local machine), clone the latest release of mltrace. In the root directory, start the server by running:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up [-d]

You can access the UI by navigating to <SERVER'S IP ADDRESS>:8080 (or localhost:8080 if you are running locally) in your browser.


To log to the server using the client library, install the latest version of mltrace on the machine executing your pipelines by running:

pip install mltrace

Next, you will need to set the database URI. It is recommended to use environment variables for this. To set the database address, set the DB_SERVER variable:


where <SERVER'S IP ADDRESS> is either the IP address of a remote machine or localhost if running locally. If, when you set up the server, you changed the URI in docker-compose.yaml, you can set the DB_URI variable (which represents the entire database URI) client-side instead of DB_SERVER.